About Absinthe

Absinthe is a Brazilian (Sao Paulo) built 2011 Volkswagen T2 Kombi.

From 2006 to 2014, the Brazilian Kombi was fitted with a water cooled engine and came with full windows or as a panel van. Brazil contained the last factory in the world to produce the Type 2 with production running from 1957 until December 2013.

Variants: The first generation “T1” of the VW Bus/Kombi with the split windshield, was produced from 1950 to the 1967 model year. While German production stopped after ’67, the T1 was still made in Brazil until 1975, when it was then modified with a 1968–79 T2-style front end, and big 1972-vintage tail-lights into the so-called “T1.5” and produced until 1996.

The T2c, with a roof raised by about 10 cm (3.9 in) was built from 1995 with the 1.6 L air-cooled engines for the Brazilian market.

The Brazilian model then shifted to a water-cooled engine in December 2005. Stricter emissions regulations introduced by the Brazilian government for 2006 forced a shift to a flexible-fuel water-cooled engine able to run on petrol or alcohol. Borrowed from the Volkswagen Fox, the engine is a rear-mounted EA-111 1.4 L 8v Total Flex 1,390 cc (84.8 cu in), 58 kW (79 PS; 78 bhp) on petrol, and 60 kW (82 PS; 80 bhp) when run on ethanol, and 124 N⋅m (91 lbf⋅ft) torque.The production of the Brazilian VW Kombi ended in 2013 with a production run of 1200 Last Edition vehicles.

Absinthe was imported into the UK and converted into a campervan by Danbury, a company based in Yate near Bristol. She’s powered by a 1.4 watercooled VW Fox engine, which can run on both unleaded petrol and bio-ethanol, giving around 38-40mpg. A New Danbury T2c cost about the same as a fully restored 1970s T2 and 2nd-hand they are considerably cheaper. They still drive in a similar way to the 1970s T2 (strong arms needed!) but Absinthe has Litesteer power steering fitted, making the experience more like driving a modern car. If you’ve spotted her out and about why not send me a pic (to Absinthe@C13MPR.com)?


  1. Callum Mitchell

    Hi Martin,

    I’ve just come across your wonderful page about the adventures of Absinthe – I love it! I’ve not seen any other pages like it.

    I would like to endorse your page to our 15,000 Facebook followers to give potential future customers an insight into campervan life. Would you mind me writing a small observation of your travels with Absinthe to upload to Facebook and our website?

    Kind regards,


  2. Martin Bellamy

    Hi Callum. I’ve just seen your comment – I’d be happy to write some wortds if you let me know what you need. Maybe email me on Absinthe@C13MPR.com


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