About Absinthe

Absinthe is a Brazilian (Sao Paulo) built 2011 Volkswagen T2 Kombi. She was imported into the UK and converted into a campervan by Danbury, a company based in Yate near Bristol. She’s powered by a 1.4 watercooled VW Fox engine, which can run on both unleaded petrol and bio-ethanol, giving around 38-40mpg. A New Danbury T2 costs about the same as a fully restored 1970s T2 and 2nd-hand they are considerably cheaper. They still drive in a similar way to the 1970s T2 (strong arms needed!) but Absinthe has Litesteer power steering fitted, making the experience more like driving a modern car. If you’ve spotted her out and about why not send me a pic (to Absinthe@C13MPR.com)?



  1. Callum Mitchell

    Hi Martin,

    I’ve just come across your wonderful page about the adventures of Absinthe – I love it! I’ve not seen any other pages like it.

    I would like to endorse your page to our 15,000 Facebook followers to give potential future customers an insight into campervan life. Would you mind me writing a small observation of your travels with Absinthe to upload to Facebook and our website?

    Kind regards,


  2. Martin Bellamy

    Hi Callum. I’ve just seen your comment – I’d be happy to write some wortds if you let me know what you need. Maybe email me on Absinthe@C13MPR.com


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