A Walk in the Wolds to Huggate Poetry Bench

After a seemingly never ending set of storms battering the country since the New Year, we finally had a bright and sunny day to get out for a walk, but where to go? Alison’s default is to head to the beach, but today’s tide times made that difficult, so I managed to persuade her to head out to the Yorkshire Wolds with Ralf.

We’re members of a Facebook Group called The Bill and Mrs M Club, which has a linked site called Walking the Wolds, offering a choice of suggested dog walks. We picked the very first one, which starts in Huggate and goes through Horsedale to Angus Ross’ Poetry Bench. The bench itself is carved with a poem by John Wedgewood Clarke: “We have ripped the earth with our desire to be here and not there. We have driven the dale’s wedge of hush home between us. But you move, as we moved, in the ghost of water. A hare rips away from the dead. Thuds down the dyke and out into everywhere the grasses foam.”

I’m hoping this will be the first of many dog walks in the Wolds – I love the dry valleys and wild landscapes. It was only 4 miles but enough to make all three of us pleasantly fatigued.


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  1. Pete

    That looks like a good call!


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