The Skill of the Print Maker

People often criticise Social Media as a waste of time and a cesspit of anger, fake news and lies. Whilst some of that is undoubtedly true, it can also be a way of meeting like minded people who you’d never get to know in real life.

I’m a member of a Forum for displaced Middlesbrough football club supporters called Diasboro ( )It’s mainly a group of men of a certain age, reminiscing about Boro’s brief glory days and discussing the current state of our favourite team, but it also becomes a virtual pub where we can talk about things outside of football.

There’s a sharing of interests, health issues and hobbies from members in many different parts of the UK and worldwide. It was via the Forum that I came across fellow member, John Richardson’s two Blogs: and

John’s prints have fascinated me for many years now. I really like the art that he produces and am in awe of the skill involved. My neighbour had kindly taken a photo of our new home from his bedroom for me and I asked John if he would produce a print for me.

Bob’s photo

John very kindly agreed and so the process began. The photos below are some of those he sent to me showing the stages involved and make for interesting viewing. John wouldn’t take payment for his time so I offered to make him a lamp – he’s a keen angler so I used an old Scarborough Reel and you can see the result in this photo.

Scarborough Reel lamp

The final print is an absolute triumph and I’d recommend that you have a look at John’s Blog ( for more information.

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