Late July, early Augustine…

Ralf’s had an injured paw for a few weeks so our trips out have been a bit restricted. He’s recovering now, giving us the opportunity to drive to Kirkham Priory, on the other side of Malton. Despite the forecast we had sunshine and a warm day – the Priory is part of English Heritage so we could use our cards for free entry and we even took a picnic for once.
After a walk around the ruins, we took Ralf for an off lead walk beside the River Derwent and into Kirkham Woods – the paths were a bit muddy underfoot but he was wearing a small boot that Alison had bought online, to protect his wound.
We headed back to the Priory for our picnic before taking the slow route home through Thixendale – more on that in another Blog later in the summer.

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  1. wheatypetesworld

    AH, thank goodness you’re back… I thought for a moment you may have lost your job to AI there. But you can’t beat the human touch. Here above is my proof. Looks like a great day out and I think you should keep that dog-sock. Looks kinda cool in a dog-punk sort of way. Thanks for sharing.


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