A New Home in Yorkshire – welcome to Pigeon Pie Barn

Regular readers will know that we moved out of our Lancashire home in September 2022 and then spent 4 months in our Static Van in Shropshire, before finally getting the keys to our new house in January 2023. I’ve been meaning to write a Blog about the house and the village of Sherburn, but emptying boxes, trips to the tip and visits to Charity Shops has kept us very busy for the past three months.

We’re just about sorted now, so here goes with a photo heavy Blog, although I’m not sure the photographs do the house justice.

The Pigeon Pie Hotel in Sherburn has stood on the main A64 in Sherburn since the early 1800s and only stopped trading as a pub in the mid 1990s. It was then used as a computer shop until it was converted into three houses in the 2000s. Behind the pub and still within its listed curtilage there was a barn and stable complex which is now our house. For a while it had been used as a cafe, but then fell into disrepair before developers built nine new houses adjacent to the barn, which they refurbished in 2018 into the house it is today.

Sherburn itself is a very welcoming village with a pub (the East Riding), a general store (Central Stores) and a sandwich shop, bakery and Post Office (Lily’s Sandwiches). It also has two churches, a school and doctor’s surgery and, very importantly, plenty of public footpaths to satisfy Alison and Ralf’s dog walking needs.

The village is 12 miles from Malton and Scarborough with beautiful countryside nearby and lots of beaches to enjoy the Yorkshire coast. To the south are the Yorkshire Wolds, a rare area of chalk hills which are the most northerly in the UK – in fact the most northerly chalk stream in Europe, the Gypsey Race is very nearby.

Sherburn Village

Pigeon Pie Barn

For several weeks our new place felt like a holiday home, rather than our new house, but that feeling has passed now and we’re really pleased to be here. Our new neigbours are lovely and we’ve even joined the Historical Society (for those who know me, you’ll appreciate that this is a massive step out of the box for me). We’ve already had some super guests to stay and hoepfully more will follow later this year, so we can show off the area and the delights of North and East Yorkshire. Even Alison has conceded that the weather here is so different from the perma-cloud and rain of Leyland, although to be fair, as I’m writing this Blog the sky is a little grey.

I’ll add more photos over the months as work inside the house progresses (wallpapering is next on the list) but for now these photos will have to suffice.










  1. wheatypetesworld

    Looks lovely, Martin. I think you’ve done well there.


  2. Ann Gray

    It looks fantastic Martin. We’re looking forward to seeing it


    1. Martin Bellamy

      You’d be welcome anytime.


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