Seeking Sanctuary in Acharacle

As many of you will know, we’re between houses at the moment. Having sold ours on 12th September, we’re living in our Static Van in Shropshire, whilst legal issue are sorted in connection with our new home in Yorkshire. It’s all very stressful at the moment and we were glad of a break in the Highlands, which we’d had booked for months. Unfortunately, most of our clothes are still in storage, together with all our other stuff, so we had to go away without much of the equipment we’d normally take. We’d been given a moving date of 3rd October when we move out of our house, so didn’t think we’d have any issues. Here we are on 2nd November, no further forward, and we’re now investigating other possible new houses.

We’ve been to Goreteneorn Bothy many times before so this will be a brief Blog, heavier on photos than words, particularly as I had a heavy fall in the shower yesterday, whilst Alison was out, and I’m feeling very stiff today and typing is quite tricky.

An overnight stay in Strathyre
The Bothy

We did the usual trips to the Singing Sands and to nearby Ardtoe Beach, and enjoyed all sorts of weather, as you’d expect from the Ardnamurchan Peninsula.

Walking to the Singing Sands

Pine Martens are common in the region, but it was too dark at night to catch sight of them – one did leave us a deposit though!

Pine Marten Scat

One day we had a trip to Strontian and Ariundle Oakwoods for some shopping, lunch and a lovely walk. Being in amongst trees is always good for the soul.

Lochaline was somewhere we’d never visited when we’d been up before, but it’s quite a long drive and the weather wasn’t at its best when we got there. We enjoyed a walk to a former township that was depopulated during the clearances and grabbed a drink from the Ferry terminal in the small town of Lochaline.

It’s amazing what an App can do

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  1. wheatypetesworld

    Wow, I sure hope you get that move sorted soon. But I don’t think you’ve been wasting time homeless. Normal service has been resumed with this trip. We are on the same page here. I hope the niggly inconveniences don’t last long! Great photos as usual.


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