Down the Dingle at Dudmaston

We’d seen a Made in Shropshire market advertised at the National Trust property at Dudmanston, near Bridgnorth, so headed there for a mooch around the stalls and a walk down the Dingle.
I haven’t seen a NT car park so full for a long time and, sure enough, there were lots of visitors around the market and in the orchard cafe area. We had a wander around and a look at the items on offer which were generally of excellent quality, although for once Alison’s money stayed in her pocket. We headed into the kitchen garden and spotted some lovely pumpkins, ripening nicely ahead of Halloween, and lots of apples which were also being sold on the day.
We’ve been to Dudmaston once before and had walked round the lake, but on this occasion we took the walking path into the Dingle where it wasn’t quite so busy. Dogs aren’t allowed off leads so Ralf wasn’t best pleased but there were plenty of smells to exercise his mind.
We thought we’d head into Bridgnorth for a spot of lunch, but gave up after trying to get a space in any car park. There was some sort of walking event on, which may explain why it was so busy. After trying 3 pubs on the drive home, without success, we eventually arrived at the Three Horseshoes pub in Wheaton, where we got a warm welcome and two Sunday lunches – what a relief, particularly as it got me out of making tea.


  1. wheatypetesworld

    Oooo … Baked Cod with tarragon Sauce for me please! Looks like a fun day out.


    1. Martin Bellamy

      I’ll start prepping it now, although it’s a long way to the sea from here.


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