(Not) The Bishops Castle Michaelmas Fair

The good people of Bishops Castle had been planning their annual Michaelmas Fair for months, only to have the local council and committee pull the plug, due to ‘protocols’ around the period of mourning for the late Queen. Fortunately, they’re a resourceful and independent bunch and stuck a metaphorical finger up to that decision and went ahead anyway.
Walking into town
It was a glorious late summer’s day and there was a pretty good turnout, especially as the event had been on-off all week. There were no food stalls due to the confusion, but plenty of shops open and a display, not only of old cars but also some magnificent steam engines. Fred Dibnah would have been in his element.
Many of the cars were from my era and I’ll admit to coveting a couple.
We headed to the top of the hill to grab a couple of beers at the Castle Hotel – the garden was busy with people eating in the sunshine and listening to laid back tunes from a jazz quartet. Nice.
All in all a nice afternoon out and full marks to the community of businesses and individuals of Bishops Castle for making sure it went ahead.


  1. wheatypetesworld

    Great photos… urghgain.


    1. Martin Bellamy

      Thanks Pete. Some better ones hopefully when we head to Ardnamurchan in a couple of weeks.


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