An Autumnal trip to Bow House

We’d missed out on our Birthday trip last weekend to meet up with Gabbie, Jay and Ruby, because they were suffering from a nasty bout of cold, so we hastily made plans to go down to our Static van at Bow House Country Park again this weekend. It had been an interesting week and we’d only just got over our own colds so it was good to get away.
It was definitely good to be back at the van, particularly with the sun shining and clear blue skies.
We drove to the small village of Taplow near Ledbury for Sunday lunch, but not before I’d tried out my Insta360 camera in the trees near the van. This involved running through the wood with the camera on the end of a pole, pretending to be a drone. Halfway round I realised how weird I must look and got a fit of the giggles at the thought of it and it’s making me smile again as I’m typing.
It was good to see Gabbie, Jay and Ruby and it was just what Alison needed after the stresses of the week before. The lunch was great and I can thoroughly recommend the Oak Inn. We’ll definitely be back. Ralf had spent too long in the car on Sunday so we treated him (and us) to a walk in Colstey Woods on Monday. It was cold but the sun was bright in the sky and the autumn leaves have hung on long enough to make the trees spectacular. The only negative was Ralf almost garrotting himself whilst chasing a squirrel through some wire fencing, but he’s ok and ready to go again.
The sky was full of Red Kites on the drive back through Bishops Castle – a brilliant sight that never fails to make us smile. I’ve had regular nightly call and response conversations with the Tawny Owls whilst we’ve been at the van and heard the local Barn Owl a couple of times too. Being in nature is definitely good for the soul.
Tuesday was the time to drive home but, first, we had to drain down the van, a job made much easier by the Floe system that Andy and Lindsay fitted for us. Basically, it’s a pump that forces all of the water out of the system and seems to work very well. It makes setting back up when we go back a doddle – we’ll be back for Xmas and can’t wait.

Things We’ve Learned

Autumn is a great season Seeing a GSW on the feeders is always a joy Walking in the countryside is ALWAYS good for your mind and body Draining down this van is a lot easier than Alison having to crawl under the last one Gabbie and Jay are lucky to have such a well behaved little girl  


  1. Pete

    Love the photos – and wow! What professional videos!


    1. Martin Bellamy

      Thanks Pete, although I’d query your definition of professional. 😉


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