Glawning Owners’ Meet 2021

Glawning Owners’ Meet 2021

Our second Glawning Owner’s meet was scheduled for June 2020, but had to be put back a year because of the Covid pandemic, so we’re just back from Ettie’s Field after another great weekend with a bunch of fantastic people.When I moved the date by 12 months, I never imagined that we’d still be in the grips of the pandemic in mid-21, and then earlier in the year when the Government announced freedom day on 21st June, I was thrilled that it would allow us to celebrate at Ettie’s Field. Alas, it wasn’t to be, but we still had a great weekend and the only restrictions imposed meant that we couldn’t use the fantastic clubhouse and that the composting toilets were out of bounds. No biggie, and we coped admirably.From a high of 13 Glawnings attending, we drifted back to 8, but it didn’t spoil our fun. The weather was a bit mixed but we’ve got Glawnings, so what’s a bit of rain?

We had competitions for the Best Dressed Glawning, the Cutest Dog and the Quirkiest Hat on Sathatterday, with some great prizes, donated both from the site and also from Glawning themselves. Many thanks to Megan and Lucee for judging for us.The best part of the weekend was meeting a lovely group of like-minded people. A special mention to my fellow Blogger, Pete Baxter and his family, who travelled all the way from Totnes in Devon, but not before passing through torrential floods and having a prang on a roundabout on the way, which meant they had to break their journey overnight in a Travelodge. Unfortunately, they had more bad luck on the way home and ended the journey on the back of a recovery vehicle. All VW owners will empathise, I’m sure.This was our first time camping without Absinthe and the Glawning did us proud, although packing everything in the Mini Countryman was interesting. Regular readers won’t be surprised to know that I’ve put a deposit on a Landrover to accommodate future trips. We need to do some work on storage and possibly to move the woodburning stove postion, but we’ll get there I’m sure. It was our first opportunity to use the Glanopy too, which gave us much more space to use as a kitchen area. On the subject of firsts, it was Ralf’s maiden trip in the Glawning and he did ok. He’s still a bit anxious around strangers but we can see an improvement and are optimistic that he’ll settle down in time.Back to the weekend, and we all agreed that it was great to be back out again after a long period of inactivity Glawning-wise. Let’s hope we can all meet up again in the future.

Here are some photos, including some of mine and quite a few I’ve liberated from other Owners. Alison and I would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who came along. Ralf says, grizzle, grizzle, woof!

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