Springing up to High Dam

Springing up to High Dam

I’ve had a bit of the blues lately, nothing too serious, just a general malaise exacerbated by poor weather and the lockdown, so, with sunshine forecast and a request from Alison last week to head back to High Dam in Cumbria sometime, we decided to brave the cold and take Absinthe northwards towards Cumbria. It’s only a journey of just over an hour, so if Matt Hancock can drive to Suffolk to see his parents, then we felt justified in a slightly longer trip than we’ve made for ages.

We got away well before 10am, and headed up the M6 in bright sunshine. It was only Ralf’s 4th trip in the van and I’d come up with a different position for his travelling cage that lets him look out of the side window. I needn’t have bothered, though, as he slept all the way up!

M6 Serengetti
The brutalist architecture of Forton Services

We managed to get the last parking spot in the car park, having taken a couple of diversions (also known as going the wrong way) and were soon headed up the path, through the forest towards first, Low Dam, and then its bigger brother High Dam.

It was gloriously sunny but with a chill wind, perfect walking weather and all three of us had grins on our faces. There were a few other walkers about, but it wasn’t busy and everyone was happy to pass the time of day at a social distance. Ralf made friends with a couple of Scottish Terriers and ran off some of his energy as they chased each other by the water’s edge.

We had a great walk, then came back to the van for some lunch (and the inevitable chat about Absinthe with another walker), before driving through the minor roads towards the Ferry across Lake Windermere.

We drove along the shore until we found a parking spot beside the lake and put the kettle on for a brew.  Almost immediately, it began to hailstone quite heavily but only for a short while and it definitely didn’t spoil the day.  It was great to be out and about again and cheered me up no end.

We headed back across the lake via the Ferry and were home for tea time (dinner, if you’re Southern) after a fantastic day.

I’m rapidly heading towards 500,000 visitors to the Blog so, as a thank you, I’m going to give away a prize to anyone who emails me a screenshot showing exactly 500k on the visitors counter.  Email to Absinthe@c13mpr.com – there can only be one winner and I’ll try to make sure it’s a decent prize.

There’s a full set of photos here: FLICKR

Things We’ve Learned

It’s only an hour away but the Lakes is such a welcome change from Leyland

Ralf will guard the van as steadfastly as he guards the house

Tomato soup and a pork pie for lunch? Yes, please…

I’m so lucky to have a partner who shares my passion for the outdoors (thanks Alison)

There’s light at the end of the lockdown tunnel…




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  1. Peter Baxter

    Ah, the power of the great outdoors! I am happy that it cheered you up. Great pictures; it looks like a fabulous day out.


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