Look What’s Been Bubbling Under…

Look What’s Been Bubbling Under…

The first Blog of 2021 and I’m not even involved!

Our youngest daughter, Gabrielle gave birth to a beautiful baby girl earlier this month but, because of lockdown, we’ve only been able to meet her once since she became pregnant. She lives 175 miles away in Swindon with her partner Jay, so we’ve really missed seeing her. Fortunately, she chose her Mum to be in her child support bubble, so Alison set off in Absinthe to see her last weekend. Obviously, I wasn’t going to miss an opportunity to write a Blog post, so here are some photos she took on her journey.

Mrs B has been pining for a Big Mac for a while (we really only eat them when we’re stopped at the services on route somewhere, and I think she’s been going cold turkey through the lockdown), so she took the opportunity to stop on the M5 for a comfort break and some junk food. Hopefully, that’s satisfied her craving for a while…

The plan was for her to sleep in Absinthe, to keep contact down to a minimum and to avoid sleeping in the baby’s nursery, so she tucked the van away at the back of their house in Stratone Village.

Ruby wouldn’t be our Granddaughter, if she didn’t get to sit in Absinthe for a photo – here’s the little dubber with her Mum and Fun Time Granny.

Oh, by the way, Alison says I have to point out that she’s growing her hair (aren’t we all?) and embracing her curls.

And here’s Mum and Dad and their beautiful Ruby Rose.

Apparently, it was very cold overnight in the van, so maybe Ralf and I were missed a little bit 😉 – fortunately, the petrol heater warmed things up on the second night.

If only Alison had remembered to put the pillow the right way up…

Meanwhile, at home, I was in charge of Ralf, who was less than pleased that his Mum had gone away. Here he is being the French Lieutenant’s woman, looking out of the bedroom window awaiting her return.

The first trip of 2021 then, with lots more to come hopefully.


  1. Peter Baxter

    Lovely post! I particularly like the smiles on Alison’s face and the doppy dog behaviour photo.


  2. Ann Gray

    Great blog as always Martin ! Given a choice we always go for Burger King when travelling but McD otherwise. Don’t bother with them normally except when we had the kitchen done and Malc woke up and asked for an egg McMuffin 😂
    Anyway more importantly Alison’s hair looks fab! Coming on nicely 👏


  3. Martin Bellamy

    I prefer a Burger King too but would rather have a pork pie or ham and pease pudding sandwich.


  4. Nick McEntee

    Hi Martin and Alison, huge congratulations on being grandparents, let’s hope now that things are lifting slightly you get to see family more often.


    1. Martin Bellamy

      As it happens, I’ve booked a surprise cottage for us to visit this weekend. Alison is missing her baby cuddles. Keep safe – hope you’re all well.


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