Ralf’s First Absinthe Adventure

Ralf’s First Absinthe Adventure

It seems like forever since we’ve been out in Absinthe, partly because the weather has been so bad, but also because Ralf arrived with us in January and we’ve been waiting for him to grow a little before we risked taking him out. He’s been great in the back of the Mini since we got him, but a noisy VW is slightly different and we didn’t want to put him off. Boris always used to travel loose in the van, sleeping on the back seat and occasionally jumping down to lay by the fridge. Strictly speaking, this wasn’t the safest way for him to travel, so we’ve decided to use a spare dog cage for Ralf and he’s taken to it straight away. We’re due to go to Eskdale Dubfest next weekend so a trial run out was needed, both for Ralf and for Absinthe! The forecast for Friday was good and we did some work in the garden in the morning, whilst at the same time giving Ralf a chance to run around and tire himself out a little.  We didn’t want to go too far, so we set off towards the sand dunes at Lytham, via a trip to Dobbies Garden Centre, where they allow dogs in and there’s a chance for some more socialisation for a barking schnauzer. After a sunny morning, the cloud had descended a little after lunch (this is Lancashire, after all) but it was still quite spring-like and we were glad we’d made the effort to get out. The first trip of the season, then, and well worth it, although I suspect we won’t be out and about as much as last year. The Covid 19 Pandemic is definitely taking hold now and lots of events are likely to be cancelled. We’ve got a few booked in already, but whether they’ll actually still be held, is anyone’s guess at the moment. Keep safe everyone.                                      

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  1. wheatypetesworld

    My ma was evacuated from London to Lytham St. Anne’s during WW2 so I was particularly interested to see your photos. But I think this was like Ralph’s Bar Mitzvah – he just came of age and this trip away in Absinthe was undoubtedly a sign of life to come – a happy one, lucky young pup.


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