Outsidegang Freebird Outdoor Cooler Table

If you’re a regular to this Blog, you’ll have seen us singing the praises of one of our newest pieces of kit, the Outsidegang Freebird Outdoor Cooler Table, and I’m pleased to let you know that you can now get 10% off, using the discount code at the end of this post.

So what is it? Well here’s Graham from Outside Gang to explain:

We’ve used ours a lot since we bought it – it’s great next to the van when we sit out and we’ve even bought a carry bag for it so we can keep it safe whilst we’re travelling. Here’s my video, which isn’t quite as professional as Graham’s:

The coolers are really versatile and you can get longer legs to use it as a bar table. They’ll keep ice cool for 16 hours and can even be used to do your washing up after you’ve eaten. We wouldn’t be without ours now we’ve got it.

To get your discount, just enter the code, Absinthe10 on the website and Outsidegang.com will take care of the rest.

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