Who wants a Glawning like Absinthe’s?

We’ve owned a Glawning since they were first produced by those two lovely Yorkshire entrepreneurs, James and Sarah. We bought one of the first types in 2014 and spent over an hour erecting it for the first time at the Brazilian VW Bay Sleepover at Anita’s site in Oxfordshire.

I’m happy to say that with a bit of practice we got that down to under half an hour, depending on how many cups of tea or bottles of beer we had whilst we’re doing it and, more importantly, how many people come over to chat to see what we’re doing.

Absinthe has always attracted lots of attention on campsites throughout the UK and Europe but this was doubled whenever we had the Glawning up as well. We’d tried two other awnings before but none of them fitted the VW vibe as well and none gave us the comfort and style that the Glawning does. Once the stove is in and lit we can settle down for the evening in such a warm and cosy environment that we’ve been known to still be there with a bottle of red chatting into the early hours.

We don’t sleep in ours but many of our friends do and the newest model allows you to stare at the skies whilst you lay back in the warmest awning you’ll ever own.

We bought the newer version a while ago, with a built in groundsheet, which is even easier to erect – we can’t recommend it highly enough. One of our friends bought the old one from us and they’re delighted with it too. Ownership comes with access to a really useful Facebook Group and the opportunity to attend Glampfest, a festival for all Glawning Owners. You can read more about it here: GLAMPFEST

We used the original one when we appeared on the Caravan Club’s Caravanner of the Year TV programme and everyone loved it, even if the judges said our erection was a bit floppy!

As you can tell we love our Glawning and now we’re delighted to let you know that we are able to offer a 3% discount from the cost of buying one by using the code Absinthe3 and clicking on this link: GLAWNING OFFER


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