Glamorous, Luxurious, Amazing, Magical, Peerless, Fun-filled, Exciting, Spectacular, Terrific: Glampfest!

A photo filled Blog this time, including lots “borrowed” from other visitors to the Festival. Thanks to everyone who contributed their pics.
What a fantastic weekend we had at Glampfest, the inaugural Festival organised by James and Sarah,  those lovely people from It was held at Ivy Bank House Campsite just outside Kirkby Malzeard in North Yorkshire and we’re already looking forward to next year!

We left home at around Noon and were there for 2pm – it was great not to be heading down the M6 for once (and to be in God’s Own County!).

I’d like to say we were soon pitched up, but Alison had brought enough decorations for a fortnight, rather than a weekend. We took our time and probably had the Glawning pitched the best it’s ever been, despite a slightly sloping pitch. I say, pitch, but really it was just a farmer’s undulating field, complete, (for the second weekend running) with copious amounts of sheep eggs. Fortunately, Boris wasn’t with us (he’d gone off to his Grandparents for the weekend) otherwise he’d have spent his time hoovering them up.


It was great to put some faces to “virtual friends” who we’d only encountered on the Glawning Owners Facebook Group before – lovely people all, with an array of vans and Glawnings.

We grabbed a beer at the bar and bought some compressed logs for the stove before heading back and having a bite to eat. There was a free BBQ in the evening and a lovely looking paella. Tickets came with a couple of free drinks vouchers as well – what a brilliant idea.

We caught the first set of a young guy called Josh Gleaves, a 15 year old singer-songwriter with a massive talent. We wish him well in his future career (and, hopefully, he’ll be back to entertain us next year).




Josh was followed on stage by the Barr Lane band from Knaresbrough, who played some great covers and got everyone’s toes tapping during their first set. We missed seeing their second set, as the lure of the stove in the Glawning proved too strong. We did hear it though and perhaps it was for the best, as I could just about get away with singing along in the privacy of our own space!


Saturday was time for a lie-in, with no Bozzer to walk. We grabbed a coffee from the great looking Split Screen Coffee van – they’d even got the right type of blend for us Brazilian drivers.



Coffee in hand, we set off for a wander around the site, to check what others had done with their Glawnings and to chat with some great people.





There were lots of activities going, on, including Face Painting, Beady Box, Garden Game Olympics and later on a Welly Wanging Competition, as well as prizes for the Best Dressed Pitch and a Colouring Competition from the fantastic Glawning Colouring Book.

Yep, that’s my Prosecco on the fence…



That looks like my sort of activity!

At 6pm a Fish and Chip Van arrived with free fish and chips – just what the doctor ordered to soak up the two bottles of Prosecco we’d bought at the bar!


Find out what we learned about Marcus at the end of the Blog…

We caught another set from Josh Gleaves but missed the band, Electric Idols, as we headed back to the Glawning to chill and listen to the music from afar. They still sounded great from where we were.

The party went on into the night – although to be honest we were asleep before it all wound up (did someone say 3am?).

Sunday morning was a time for a leisurely pack up and drive home, but not before another coffee and the chance to say our goodbyes to lots of people. We had a great weekend and would like to thank James, Sarah and their team for doing such a great job of organising their first Festival – I’m sure there’ll be more in years to come (there’d better be!).



Things We’ve Learned:

The weather doesn’t matter when you’re having a good time
Oh, and a bit of rain won’t stop t’Yorkshire lads from playing t’cricket
Those 5m Glawnings are immense (no, Alison, you can’t have one…)
Glawning Owners are great people
It’s hard to leave your Glawning once the stove is on
There are some talented young musicians out there
Don’t let Mrs B anywhere near the windscreen cover when she’s had a bottle of Prosecco (new blades now on order…)
Whether it’s Oxfordshire or Yorkshire, sheep do a lot of sh*tting
Going to a gathering of VWs or Glawnings gives us loads of ideas and ends up costing us a fortune…
Boris is great fun, but a lie in now and then is ace

It’s steeper out of Pateley Bridge than I remember (well done, Alison, for gettting us up to the top)
If you want an impression of someone’s dog pooing and walking at the same time, ask a Splitty Owner (you know who you are!)

Things We’ve Learned abut Marcus

The first rule of Glampfest: What we learned at Glampfest, stays at Glampfest!

There’s a full set of photos here: FLICKR

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