Pitched in the Park – 2016 Tatton Park VW Show

Pitched in the Park – 2016 Tatton Park VW Show

We’d attended the Tatton Park VW Show once before as visitors, but usually we’re on holiday in early August, so can’t make it. This year was an exception, made all the better by the opportunity for 5 Forum members to represent the Brazilian Bays on a Club pitch.

I’d booked five spaces ages ago, so was a little disappointed when we arrived, to find that we’d been allocated quite a small pitch right at the back of the show field. As it turned out, though, we had loads of people passing by and lots of interest in our vans.

We were up early to drive down the M6 to leafy Cheshire and it was pleasure to be on my nemesis motorway before the weekend traffic built up. We were at Tatton Park by 7.50am , expecting to be first on the pitch but Claire and Daz had beaten us in their lovely green Yoshi.

Tim and Deborah weren’t far behind in Ronnie, followed by Simon in Skooby and, finally, Andy and Alison in Sage. The pitch was tight but with a bit of jiggling we came up with a formation and everyone dressed their vans ready for visitors.

Claire and Daz headed to the Auto Jumble and came back with a few bits and pieces including a massive generator they’d bagged for £35 – what a bargain!

We’d been blessed with a lovely sunny day and lots of interested visitors who wanted to look at our vans. We’d produced a few fact sheets to put on our windscreens, telling people about the Brazilian origin of our Kombis and how they fit into the history of the VW T2. Inevitably, the word replica was heard a few times and one “knowledgeable” chap was overheard telling his son that the vans were made under licence from VW. It takes all sorts, I suppose…

We had coffees, before heading off for a look around the show. Incredibly, Alison didn’t buy anything from any of the stands (until later when she went off with Claire…), but we did get the chance to bump into a few friends, including Ben from Dbeilt (who makes non-reversing trailers). He seemed to think that our appearance on Caravanner of the Year had increased interest in his trailers, which is a definitely a good thing.

I recognise one of those vans and Dbeilt trailers

Boris got into a fracas with another dog (no change there then) prompting the other owner to brand him “mencal” (I tried to point out that actually Boris is mental, but he was a denizen of Manchester and wouldn’t be swayed from his pronunciation).

Treble schnauzer trouble

Ford Anglia

Some of the vehicles on show were outstanding and there are always a few I’d like to take home. I think I narrowed it down to three this time. A Karmann Ghia, a massive off road thing and a VW Trekker.

I really covert this
Where would I park it?
If you’re reading this Kate & Kevin – I want first dibs if you ever want to sell it!

It was even busier on the pitch in the afternoon, with at least one other Danbury owner popping by – it’s great to see so many people loving our vans. I reckon we benefitted from being away from the other Kombis – I think I’d be happy to have this pitch again, albeit with a bit more space please.

Ronnie was “buntinged” off to avoid sticky fingers


Crowds queuing up to view Ronnie…

I was particularly pleased that no-one commented on Ronnie’s unusual exhaust. Tim has had a non-standard pipe fitted and frankly the jury is still out…

Meg looking embarrassed by Tim’s pipe


Side pipe? Really?

We all left around 5pm after a great day with our T2 friends.

Sage and Ronnie heading back to cross the Pennines…

Add your own caption

Holidays permitting, we’ll be back…


Sunshine, Kombis and friends – there’s nothing better
The new front seat was a definite hit, both for us and lots of visitors
Alison is learning how to haggle – slowly…
I definitely need some new front indicator lenses
The M6 can be benign but you have to be up early to benefit
Those West Riding lads are rum ‘uns…

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…and his brilliant video is here:

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