Camperjam 2015


Camperjam 2015


2015 was our 4th year of visiting Camperjam and we’ve learnt from experience that if you can avoid the M6 then you should! With this in mind, we exited at the M56 and headed down the A49 towards Whitchurch.

We had plenty of time and could take a leisurely drive through the Cheshire countryside on our way to Weston Park, near Telford. We even had time to stop for lunch at a farm shop and cafe, The Hollies, near Little Budworth – it was excellent and I’d recommend it, if your in the area – it’s definitely more than a coffee shop and full of the Cheshire set, enjoying the sunshine.



We arrived at the site around 3.15 just ahead of Steve and Joanne in their lovely Tigerlilly and soon had the event tent up and sun canopy fitted.

We attached it to the pop top to try and give a bit of extra height but it was only partially successful as the huge storm overnight on Friday made the canopy fill with rain and pulled the pop down slightly. Back to the drawing board for France – maybe using some of these:




The theme for Friday night was Yellow so we all dressed as bananas, and got a great reaction as we walked down to the main event area and the fairground. It’s best not to ask what the white things are…

First stop was the waltzers – I love ’em you know…

Then on to the Dodgems for banana chaos – it’s ok though, I got the insurance details of everyone who ran into us. It was whiplash heaven out there and you’ll all be hearing from my Personal Injury solicitors…





We split up for food and a few of us watched the girl band playing in one of the tents.


Towards the end of their performance, a little chap wearing a crash helmet decided to climb up one of the centre poles on the marquee. He got right to the top, climbed back down and was taken away by security.


Later, in the Brothers Tent we witnessed a rather large lady in hot pants attempting to do the same thing, although without success. I suspect drink may have been involved.

So to bed, to the backdrop of a tremendous storm with loud rumbles of thunder and streaks of lightning, accompanied by barking dogs and shrieking people. Strangely, I did manage to get some sleep.

Saturday was the usual walk around the trade stalls, and a catch up with some people we haven’t seen for a while.



There was a very sad incident on Saturday afternoon when two of our fellow Brazilian owners had their dog attacked by a Staffordshire Terrier which resulted in a broken leg. Kappi is recovering well in a Shropshire vets and we wish him well.

Get well soon Kappi





The theme for Saturday was Stars and Stripes to fit in with 4th July and most of us dressed up although it’s never co-ordinated like it had been on Friday. Alison was Marge Simpson which seemed to make every dog we met bark at her. I think it was the wig.


We ended the evening back at the camping area with a few drinks, some political chat (always dangerous when alcohol is involved) and a few laughs.









We went back down to the trade stalls on Sunday morning after breakfast, and partially packing up the van, before returning for a brew and setting off home about 2pm. We had a visit from another Brazilian owner, Tim, who’s friend  was competing in the Cook in a Camper competition. It’s always good to put a name to a face and to talk Kombis.

Tim’s lovey van and teardrop combination
Alison and Sage in the Cooking Competition

As we left it started to rain and by the time we’d left the site it was torrential.

The first part of the drive back wasn’t very pleasant, so we opted to look out for a pub to stop for a late lunch, eventually finding one near Cholmondeley, a Cheshire village which is home to the Pageant of Power, held every year in June.

The Cholmondeley Arms was superb and the food excellent – it’s definitely a place to visit if you’re in the area. They have a Gin Festival in July which looks interesting.





Another great weekend and they’re coming thick and fast at the moment, hence the brevity of this Blog post. Next week we’re off to Danbury for a service and MOT, but before long it’ll be the long awaited France Trip – we cant’ wait.

There are more photos here: FLICKR

Things we’ve learnt:

If you want to avoid the flies at Weston Park, make sure your friends are wearing yellow or get them to bring a yellow van

Dogs don’t like large blue wigs

Even though it’s nice to be able to have a lie in, we really miss Boris when he’s not with us

No matter how many times you visit the trade stands, you can always find something else to buy

A Roads are more fun than Motorways, in a Kombi

Brothers Cider really couldn’t organise a P*ss up in a brewery – yet again they ran out of cider on Saturday night

I'd love to hear your thoughts, so grab a pew and I'll make you a brew - Hobnob or Bourbon?

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