Camperjam 2014

This was to be our third visit to Camperjam since we bought Absinthe and, as usual, we set off in rain to travel down the M6. One year we might have sunshine…

The M6 was as much fun as it always is – the journey is scheduled to be 90 minutes but took us the normal 2.5 hours – plus ça change.


We arrived just after 2pm and there were already some of the other Forum members there. Fortunately, it stopped raining as we got further south and we were able to pitch up in dry weather. The forecast had been changing all week and we were expecting showers at the very least. The rain held off until late evening though when it absolutely bucketed down – we were all back at the event shelter by then so it didn’t matter too much.

We went down to the trade stalls on Friday afternoon and then watched some of the entertainment later. We missed the Madonna tribute act although apparently she wasn’t brilliant. We were told that Abba were better, although we didn’t get to see them either! I did get a go on the Waltzers though, with Gabbie and Joanne – I love the waltzers and I’m immediately whisked back to my youth and the small fair near Cat Nab in Saltburn or the rides at Stokesley Fair.

The waltzers in Saltburn – in my youth everything was black and white…



The theme for Friday night was a Onesie Party so a few of dressed up as usual. I can tell you it’s very hot dressed as a dinosaur in the entertainment marquees.

By Saturday morning the rain had gone and we got a day of sunshine with some clouds.The morning was chilled – time for breakfast and a chat before heading to the stalls again – we probably bought less this year than at any other CJ – just a short leg for the Camper table so we can use it as a coffee table in the Glawning.






It was good to catch up with friends, old and new and to sit and chat in the event shelter.








Saturday night’s theme was Neverland but the take up for Fancy Dress was, as you can see, very limited.

There was Michael Jackson tribute act performing called Navi and I have to admit we really enjoyed him. We were right near the front in the tent dancing away when the usual thing happened. Alison set off the Gaydar of some nearby ladies and suddenly we’re part of the lesbian rave scene again. I photo-bombed many of their pics so they won’t forget me in a hurry.

YouTube Video

It was all great fun, followed by more ale and late night fish and chips, plus the bonus of Alison and Tony falling off their chairs near the big TV screen. You can take the girl out of Bolton, but she still managed not to spill a drop of her pint of cider despite being legs akimbo. The evening ended with a long giggling walk back to the vans using Penny’s Paloma Faith Torch App to guide us. Weird!

I don’t know how much we’d drunk but we woke up to find that Tony had taken a shortcut to his van through Steve’s windbreak, although he couldn’t remember any of the details the next day. I blame the Absinthe…

The day after the night before…

Sunday was a day for packing up and one last trip to the food area (for coffee) and to look around the traders. We caught up with Ben from Dbeilt Trailers and Neil from Litesteer, then made our way back to the van to drive home.

Fortunately, the M6 wasn’t too bad, although we did stop at the Services for MacDonalds* before getting back, but only because Mrs B missed the ones with Burgerking*

There’s a full set of pics (including the “borrowed ones” here: Flickr

The next trip is to the Larmer Tree Festival – check back for the Blog shortly.

*other rubbish fast food is available.

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