Camperjam 2013

Amazingly, a year has passed since we went to our first Camperjam at Weston Park on the Staffordshire/Shropshire Border but what a difference this year.

In 2012 there was a foot of mud and the Traders were struggling. This year we had wall to wall sunshine, temperatures in the high 20s and smiles all round. There were also more of the family attending as Alison and I were joined by Lindsay and Mark, plus Gabrielle and T.J.

We needed to take two vehicles: Absinthe, of course, plus the Disco for the others.It meant we could take even more stuff than usual including the awning, a tent and the Event Shelter.

We left home about 1.45pm with an expected journey time of 90 minutes. In the event it took us 2hr 20mins because of the usual Friday hold-ups on the M6. Plus ça change…

We soon had the gear up and were treated to a Pimms by Penny – a great start to the weekend. We had a picnic tea before the festivities started. The theme for Friday night was “Where’s Wally?” with hundreds of people dressing up for the occasion. We were no exceptions as you can see:






There were even Wallies on the waltzers:


A little Wally learning to juggle in Hammer pants (can’t touch this!)

The evening was rounded off back at Camp Brazibay by a disco and drinks and we all slept very soundly (apart from those who heard the snoring).

Saturday was glorious and after breakfast and a chill we all headed to the Trade stalls for some retail therapy. Alison was very good and it was quite a while before she bought anything. We got some new bunting for the awning, then later she ordered a couple of new dresses from Vintage by Cupcake The girl on the stand who made the dresses looked great, had some fantastic tattoos and is a Burlesque dancer. Despite all that, she told us she’s really not a confident person and was very nervous chatting to people. As they say, never judge a book, etc.

Vintage by Cupcake

We said hello to a few people we’d met before (Ben at Dbeilt, the crew at Snuginadub, Neil and Gabriella at Litesteer, and put a name to a face with Kate on the Dogsndubs stand)

After some food from the catering stands and a couple of drinks, it was time for more shopping before heading back to the Club Camp for a BBQ.

Queuing up for Mutton Curry


It’s a Barbie World

Saturday night’s theme was Dress as your Idol and lots of people had made an effort.

The Forum Idols
Alison as Amy Winehouse
Amy (and My Left Foot)
Dennis and Minnie with a token Bowie

We partied until 1.30am with the usual mixture of beer, cider, vodka, tequila and even Absinthe this year – after all that, sleeping wasn’t an issue in the extreme heat!

Sunday morning brought more shopping and then the Dog Show and we had winners amongst us:

Kitegirl’s Trixie – Best veteran


Kitegirl with Alfie – 5th in the best trick class

That just left time for packing up and the drive home. An ace weekend (again) – now bring on France…

Things I’ve learned:

Southerners have Goat’s Milk in their brew (what’s wrong with ’em?)
We still haven’t found Alan (or Steve)
Dennis is definitely a Menace on the Dance Floor
Camperjam in the mud is good but Camperjam in the sun is even more fun
The Camperjam team need help with their organisation – the generator running out of fuel during a band’s performance isn’t brilliant. Now who do we know who could help? Are you there Mr V?
The Forum bunch know how to party – already knew that!

There’s a full set of pics here: Flickr

Video here: Video and here: Video

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