Kombi Sleepover 2013

Unbelievably, another year has past since the 2012 Sleepover and this year’s event had arrived. The venue was the same as last year; Anita’s Campsite in Mollington near Banbury, Oxfordshire and we were expecting just under 40 vans.

The theme for the event was along the lines of an old fashioned Village Fete and several of the members had agreed to run stalls on Saturday. There was a hook a duck stall, a buzzer shaped like a Kombi, darts, tin can alley, quoits, guess the number of balloons in a van, a Northern Lucky Dip which we organised and a superb cake stall set up like a tea shop with china cups and a great selection of cakes. We’d also been given the use of a giant inflatable slide by one of the site sponsors, which was very popular with the kids (and some adults).

We arrived on Friday at about 5pm and soon had the Coleman Shelter up and the kettle on. We had the usual list of things we’d forgotten to pack – this time it was the pillows, my hat and some pasta. We remedied the pillows and the pasta at Warwick Services and I solved the hat problem later, as you’ll see later on.

Tim had organised a 70s disco in the Kombicabana and we put our usual fancy dress outfits on – more people joined in this year and hopefully next year even more will dress up. The music of the 70s is, of course, our era, so we danced until midnight, only stopping for beers and to catch our breath. A great start to the weekend and I hope it remains a traditional part of the Sleepover for many years to come.

Saturday morning was set up the stall time aided by a slice of Penny’s coffee cake for breakfast! Our contribution was Absinthe’s Northern Big Dipper, a Bran Tub type affair with all prizes having a northern theme. There was Black Pudding, Mushy Peas, a Flat Cap, Eccles Cakes, Blackpool Rock and a selection of various other northern gifts and delicacies.

We had a steady trade throughout the day – the most popular prize with the kids seemed to be a giant Wigan Warriors Foam hand – I wish we’d got more than one now. Our neighbours on the day, John and Sharon, won the Flat Cap but what Sharon really wanted was some Eccles cakes – a swift delve into the tub meant we could swap and I had a hat to wear after all!

Hat problem solved

Star Baker…

Saturday afternoon was Sports Day with a Tug of War, Egg & Spoon, Sack Races and Rounders. The kids had a great time even though some of the results required a stewards inquiry…

Do these sides seem fair to you?

In the evening there was a quiz (they don’t get any easier), a charity auction and the crowning of the Star Kombi, won by Alan and his van Skytiger, Tony & Penny’s Lilyvdub was second and we were third with Absinthe. All three are green vans and from the North – result!

 photo IMG_0282_zpsb55d17fd.jpg
Skytiger’s winning Kombi

After some food, the Disco started,with music from the decades that the Kombi’s been in production, more fancy dress and a little (!) red wine. I’ll be honest and say I prefered Friday’s playlist but then, I am very old. At least there was some Faithless and the KLF (a personal favourite)…

Sunday morning was time to pack up, ahead of getting the vans into a formation for photos. We didn’t have enough to form KOMBI so Tim went for bVWb which almost worked! Photos were taken from the top of the slide and we said our goodbyes and left.

We decided to stop somewhere on the way home for a picnic so I navigated us to Shugborough Hall where we set up the table and chairs in the car park for a sandwich and a brew. I was obviously more fatigued than I realised because I fell asleep for 45 minutes whilst Alison read her Kindle.

We were home for 6.15pm, having had the best weekend yet with our Forum friends. Here’s to the next one!

Things we’ve learned:

  • Make a list of things we need to take before setting off – pasta without pasta is just sauce!
  • Polish Rosehip spirit will keep you warm when the sun goes down
  • All the best vans come from the North
  • It’s worth asking Tony (lilyvdub) if he needs help with his shower arangements at the start of the weekend
  • Beware a Bristolian mechanic when he’s had cider
  • Alison will bid against me in any auction
  • Aircooled owners will stop at nothing to win
  • I’m getting too old for late nights

There’s a full set of pics here: FLICKR including those I’ve “borrowed” from other Forum member and Tim’s video is here: YOUTUBE

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