Saturday Afternoon walk near Morecambe Bay – 2nd March 13

After several days of bright sunshine, Saturday again started off in a similar vein so we decided to drive up towards Silverdale for a walk along the Lancashire Coastal Way (LCW). I’d seen the walk in a new Magazine called Lancashire Walks and Wildlife.

This particular article was written by Beth Pipe, whose Blogs/Tweets I follow and was around an area I’d cycled many times, but Alison had never visited.

By the time we parked at Quaker’s Stang car park and set off along the LCW, the weather had turned cloudy and grey but that didn’t deter us. The route leaves the car park and goes under a rail bridge and then across fields towards Jenny Brown’s Point. Jenny was apparently a Nanny who drowned trying to save the children in her care.

Quaker’s Stang Car Park


Panoramic shot of Jenny Brown’s Point

The Chimney at the Point is very impressive and thousands of people must have taken a pic of it over the years. Apparently it dates back to the 1700s and was used for copper smelting.

The Chimney at the Point
Snowdrop from below


The path continues up a lane beyond Jenny Brown’s Cottage and on towards Jack Scout before passing Gibraltar Farm and then the Wolf House Cafe and Gallery. Alison’s Uncle, Donald Dakeyne, lives nearby and used to sell his paintings in the shop here.


Wolf House cafe


After coffee and food Alison visited Janice McGloine’s studio which is a tiny shed opposite the cafe.
Janice McGloine’s Studio


The walk continued up the lane past the gallery for about 100 yards then turned right through a narrow path before opening out onto pasture land. (If you’ve looked at the map above you’ll see we’d truncated the walk and were actually going in the opposite direction!)
When we got back to the van we decided to drive to nearby Warton Crag to see if we could spot the resident peregrines and to have a brew. There were a few bird watchers about and we were in luck, seeing both birds flying over the quarry sides. We didn’t have any binoculars with us so couldn’t pin point them once they landed but we could hear them calling. I love peregrines; they’re my second favourite birds (behind the Dipper).
Waiting for the kettle to boil
Peregrine spotting at Warton Crag
Absinthe and tea Kombination

All in all a good trip and just what we needed. For a full set of pics click HERE.

I'd love to hear your thoughts, so grab a pew and I'll make you a brew - Hobnob or Bourbon?

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