Camperjam, July 2012

Camperjam arrived at last, but we nearly didn’t go. We woke to torrential rain at home on Friday (as forecast) and despite being almost packed and ready to go, were in two minds as to whether to risk it.
I checked and re-checked the Camperjam website and could see that the weather was just as bad in Shropshire as it was at home. As the morning wore on there were stories of traders being stuck in their vans and tractors being used to tow vehicles on to the site.
We don’t have a towing point at the front of the van (yet) and didn’t want to risk damage so close to our holiday to France. After consulting the Forum, we decided to go anyway so set off about 1.30pm.
The SatNav said 1hr45mins but the M6 was like a car park (a very wet car park as it happens) and it was stop, start all the way, never leaving the inside lane. It took us 4 hours to get to the venue, Weston Park and we arrived a few cars behind fellow Forum members, Tim (TimV) & Steve (Kiteman).
The site was already muddy so it was case of foot down, no stopping, straight onto the Club area, with a sigh of relief. Steve blasted his way through another club area, much to their annoyance and our amusement – we thought we’d better not follow him or all hell would have broken loose.
 After a break for a cuppa we got the awning up with help from Gabrielle and Jade and settled in for the weekend. There were around 18 Club members attending and some new faces we hadn’t met before. Tim got his Event shelter up which is great to use a meeting point.
Friday night had its usual format: music, dancing, drink and a late night – we staggered to bed about 1.45 I think!
Strangely, Mrs B had a sore head on Saturday morning and declined crumpets for breakfast. She’d lost one of her contact lenses in the back of her eye as well so that probably didn’t help. Funnily enough, she thought maybe her issues had been caused by the noodles she’d eaten from one of the catering vans on Friday night. Hmmm.
I don’t think she ate any of Penny’s buns either but the rest of the group certainly did.
Saturday was much sunnier and we spent a good part of the day wandering around the trade stalls and rides, although by then the ground was made up of thick mud. Fortunately, we’d taken wellies so could splosh our way about.
A massive downpour in the afternoon was interesting but only lasted a few minutes before the sun came out again.
The rest of the day was spent chilling and then getting ready for the Mardi Gras themed Fancy Dress. Clowns and Jesters seemed to be a popular choice…
There was some spectacular dancing taking place and that was before the drink kicked in!
Saturday evening was, as usual, a great night with the Brazilian Bay owners – we certainly know how to party – in fact on Sunday morning an owner from another club came across to say how much he envied us for organising the music – as he said, “yours is the coolest party on site”
Sunday dawned sunny as well giving us a chance to get the awning packed away and to worry a bit about getting off the field. As it turned out this wasn’t an issue – just a case of going for it and not stopping until we were on the roadway. It only took us just over two hours to get back including a services stop, as Absinthe seemed to be flying – maybe she was glad to be out of the mud.
All in all, another great weekend – now bring on France…

There are more photos here.

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