Kombi Sleepover, Mollington, Oxon. June 12

We’re just back from The BrazilianVwBay Forum Sleepover at Anita’s Camp Site in Mollington, near Banbury and what a weekend it was.

The drive down the M6 on Friday was horrendous – we started in torrential rain, which petered out around Stoke to be replaced by massive sidewinds. I did say to Alison at one point, “Do you want me to hit a lorry on the middle lane, or the car on our left on the slip road joining the motorway” as there didn’t seem to be much option to avoid both of them.

We stopped on the M6 Toll for lunch and fuel and to give my arms a rest. (I can see the power steering option getting closer every day). The good news at the Toll Booth was that instead of paying £11 for Absinthe and the Trailer we got half price because we’re Caravan Club members. It won’t take many trips down the Toll to pay for membership.

We got lost in Mollington trying to find the campsite and had to do a couple of tours of the tiny picturesque back streets before we found our way, then, when we did get there and checked in I realised that I’d have to back up from the reception office to get to our field. Even with Alison behind the van it was impossible so the site owner kindly moved her car and I was just about able to turn through their own driveway area.

We were one of the first groups to arrive, found a hook up plot against the hedge and pitched the awning (we’re experts now of course, having done it once before). We even helped some other awning virgins put their’s up.


Gradually more and more vans started to arrive and it was great to meet up with so many other owners.  In the evening we walked down to the local pub and boosted their takings by about three times – the landlord obviously wasn’t prepared as he ran out of glasses, so to get a drink you had to take one back to the bar with you.

Saturday dawned with a dry day and maybe the prospect of a patch of blue sky. We’d ordered some breakfast pastries from the site shop so sat outside eating them watching even more Bays arrive. There were almost 40 by the afternoon and they all looked great together.

In the afternoon there was a very useful session about van maintenance, etc and then I’d been roped into assisting with a cooking exhibition. “Olive” cooked 4 dishes that can be prepared with a single pot and gas ring and I was needed to stir the risotto and add the stock – very tasty it was too although I think I need a bigger apron:


After the world’s most difficult quiz (all about VW) and the awarding of the trophy for the best Kombi (Absinthe didn’t win: boo!) we all gathered under the shelter for a 70s Disco. Fancy dress had been suggested but only 3 of us dressed up – maybe next year there’ll be more. One of the highlights was Kiteman swinging his fiery balls!

We kept everyone topped up with Peardrop and Uncle Joe’s Vodka and Alison handed out some glow sticks for what was a fantastic night – we danced until 12.30am even though the rain was falling pretty heavily.

On Sunday we needed to get everything packed away to allow the field to become a photographic studio and even though the sky had blue patches the awning was a bit damp after a night of rain and wind. Gradually everyone got ready for a photo opportunity – the Kombi Rainbow:





There are lots more photos here: Kombi Sleepover

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