Walking the dog Sabden, UK

19th November, 2011

Alison and I went to Bury to order a Dbeilt trailer to match Absinthe. As a suprise I’d booked us a meal at the Parkers Arms at Newton by Bowland on Twitter and had been told we could pitch Absinthe in the car park to sleep overnight.

I’d arranged for Jo & Si to stop over as well and Lins & David were coming as well.

On the way from Bury, Alison said she fancied a brew so I decided we’d pull over into a picnic car park, where I could walk Boris and she could put the kettle on.

It was about 4.00 on a Saturday afternoon and there weren’t many cars in either of the two car parks. Things started to change however when dusk started to fall. A succession of cars started arriving and driving between the two car parks.

Each was driven by a middle aged or older man looking none too salubrious. I heard one say to another, “no action yet, I’m off to the other car park”. It was then that I realised that they were doggers! A quick internet search and my fears were confirmed

They must have thought all their birthdays had come at once when we turned up with Absinthe – a double bed and tea on the side!

The atmosphere was very strange and we decided to move on, thanking goodness that we hadn’t planned to sleep the night there!



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