Our First Lay-by trip, Sizergh, UK

10th September, 2011
We were invited to dinner at the Strickland Arms, Sizergh near Kendal on Saturday night so, having checked Streetview, we decided to sleep over afterwards in a lay-by just round the corner on a very quiet country lane. We had a great meal (I can highly recommend the pub) and a lovely evening and walked back (in the rain) to the camper.
After quickly taking Boz out for his walk, we settled into the van, listened to some radio and then settled down for sleep.
At 12.45am we were rudely awakened by the sound of a vehicle next to us with flashing orange lights and with a clanking of chains and raised voices. Fearing we were about to be towed away by the lay-by police I peeped out to see a massive low loader full of Tarmac road repairing plant.
They unloaded some things and eventually drove off only to re-appear at 1.45am with another load of plant to be removed.
Again the lorry left and we settled down only to be woken a couple of hours later by lights and the sound of two cars in the lay-by. I quickly tried to work out what I’d do if they demanded the keys to the camper* but they drove off again quite quickly.
Not a good experience and I hope it hasn’t put us off trying the lay-by option again – we might give this one a miss though!
* I decided they could have the keys – wasn’t feeling brave enough to have a go (one more single malt and the decision might have been different!)











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