First Trip – Arnside, UK

14th August 2011
Having picked her up on Friday we set off on Sunday on our first short trip.
We picked up some extras in Preston then set off for Glasson Dock. She was too high to get into the usual car park so we parked right beside the dock and, as before on our trip back from Danbury, a small group gathered to admire her and to ask questions.
In the morning we even had a guy follow us for 5 miles until we stopped, so he could ask us all about her.
We moved on to Arnside and eventually parked at the Knot where we made our first cuppa!
Even up there people were approaching and asking questions – I think we may need a factsheet to hand out.
She’s also got a name now: Absinthe; the Green Fairy – seems to suit her.
Absinthe makes the heart grow fonder…

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