Easter at the Van, Sedbergh, UK

6th April, 2012
We took Absinthe up to our static van in Sedbergh on Thursday night for a few days away (being joined by the family on Saturday with us sleeping in the Camper to give us enough room).
On Good Friday we drove to Reeth for lunch then over the top road towards Redmire. As we started to drop down off the moor top we came to a cattle grid and a short stretch of road that was still blocked by snow. As Mrs B contemplated whether we could drive through (no chance, but if we’d been in the Disco I’d have given it a go!), a queue formed on the road beyond the snow, heading our way.
Luckily, after a few minutes we spotted a local farmer coming along in his tractor and shovel. It took him about 20 minutes to clear it all and we were safe to continue.


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